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Hi there! As you can see, my name is Chris, I'm at university and I'm currently 21 years old, but there's more to know than my name and age. So what am I doing then? Well I'm studying Game Art at DMU. I am aiming to be one of the top proffesional vehicle artists in the industry. In the meantime, check out this Blog of mine and when your finished, take a look at my website!

Playstation Anouncement

Just came across this on Kotaku. Is this really going to be the PS4?

MPR-27 VS MP4-28

Here are 2 shots of both cars in similar angles. Very similar in shape, the mp4-28 has better packaging at the rear of the sidepods and they also look more tighter at the front, take a look at the air intake. Theres also a Lotus/Ferrari style bulge on the front of the sidepods. The front suspension is now pull rod, rear suspension seems quite similar so far.

Overall, the main features are very similar, front wing and rear wing are similar, but thats because its the launch spec and not race spec. Biggest change is the engine cover, look at the Mercedes logo to see what i mean, and obviously the exhaust system will probably change a lot by the time it comes to Melbourne.

There are other finer details such as the wheel nuts, diffuser and the "snow plough" under the nose, il update later with some more details and my decision for the FMP.

MP4-28 - 2013

 MP4-27 - 2012


Ok so ive been looking around the Mclaren, it seems very similar to last years car, i could use last years reference images and modify them to fit the new one.

FMP update

So the Lotus and Mclaren have both been officially launched. Lotus were kind enough to give out some nice front, side and top images of there car, while Mclaren seemed to have not. As i want to start this project as soon as possible, i might create the Lotus instead.


Just been down to Jaguar Sturgess Leicester, they let me take all the photos i needed, even under the bonnet and boot. All thanks to Steve there who sorted all this out for me, i took over 300 photos of the Jag XF

FMP Vehicles

So here are two cars our of the three im planning on creating. Note that il be creating an environment for each car.

Jaguar XF 2012 facelift

Mclaren mp4-28, although this is the mp4-27 obviously....

FMP Update

Been talking to my lecturers and doing a lot of thinking about my options for the FMP lately. Im starting to settle on the idea of creating the Jaguar XF or XJ, managed to get my self into a local jaguar dealership who are really cool about me climbing all over one of there cars getting as many photos as i can, which is nice.

Not sure about a rally car yet, thats going to be a much more difficult one to plan out.

Now the final change, which i think could really pay of, is to create one of the new F1 cars for 2013. The reason, is that a certain particular studio that makes the F1 games will also be doing the same thing, this means that i can make a better F1 car, and to similar time constraints, and, if i do this as my first project, i can get it done by the end of Feb/start of March, email them it and see how it goes.

As the FMP lasts for about 3-4 months, it means il have a month for each vehicle, which can definitely be done as il have no other commitments. Its just the other details of the cars that i need to make a decision on, such as whether to create a dirt pass for the cars, or damage pass, perhaps even rain?

Game art book

Right, ive been working on this game art book since November  and ive tested out so many ideas and layouts over the past few months, and im beginning to find a unique style for my portfolio art book.

Ive put this together tonight, pages are missing copy etc.

Looking good

Really coming together now. Not happy with the brake lights, far to dense on the polygons to have each extruded light. Il try it out with a normal map when i have time. Still need to texture the head lights and texture a proper rubber material into the tyres.

The cubemap doesnt really show of the materials of the car all that well, the roof and rear window of the car are mirror like in real life, and the car paint isnt being helped, as it lacks the reflections and highlights.

I also need to being work on the interior of the car, and really emphasize the different material properties inside the car, such as the glossy metal switches and matte like carbon fibre along with the padded racing seat.

Mclaren mp4-28 first sneak peak

Looks like it could be a stepped nose?

We Have Light

Nissan Scene Ideas

As the Nissan is coming along nicely, ive began thinking about the presentation of the final model and ive decided on going for a Nurburgring/Spa race track theme. Here are a few images of the net to give you an idea.

My personal favourites are the last 2 images. If i were to go for a composition that blended both elements, i could have a really moody final image, while still showing of the car. The almost green like sky will give a sense of mystery and isolation to the scene, and with the car having its lights on tearing through the track, it could look pritty awesome!


So, ive been working on the engine and suspension of the car now, its really coming together, looks awesome!


Looking good now, il begin to bake down the normals and also create an ambient occlusion pass after. Firstly, i still need to create the specular map.


F1 is back in 63 days according to the F1 website, cant wait! Mclaren are unveiling there car end of January, cant wait to see it


Basic logo and colour placing at the moment, going to get it working in the xoliul shader tomorrow, get a basic HDRI working and see how it looks!

2013 First Post

After a rather eventful year, heres the Nissan in all of its almost modeled glory.