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Hi there! As you can see, my name is Chris, I'm at university and I'm currently 21 years old, but there's more to know than my name and age. So what am I doing then? Well I'm studying Game Art at DMU. I am aiming to be one of the top proffesional vehicle artists in the industry. In the meantime, check out this Blog of mine and when your finished, take a look at my website!

Contact Card

Got my final contact card sorted out now, looks pretty nice, just need some nice thick paper to print it on.

Porftolio cover

Think il go with the red version. Just hope the printer can actualy see the gradients

Portfolio cover Update

So i havnt been happy with the majority of designs ive created. Il post them all here and then in the post above il have the new/final version for friday

Card Update

So i quickly realised that the contact cards are missing the most vital pieces of info... means of contact.

Contact Cards!

So im busy working away on contact card designs. Got a few already, typography is quite tricky to get right.

Take a look:


So ive been making a Lotus Evora in my spare time aswell. This is a 10,000 triangle limit model with a 2048x texture. Here are a few screenshots, i increased the brightness of the texture for the final 2 so you can actually see the model.


So ive been ill over the past week. Been getting through a lot of the rooftop project. Main aspects left are the  filler assets, rain system and puddles from the cube map.

Ive also been working on the dune buggy! ive vastly improved the texture for the tyres, much much better from before. Note, there is no specular map for the tyres and majority of the model apart from a few section.

Rooftop Update

So ive been texturing a lot of assets at the moment, trying to get the majority of the modular textures onto 1, 1024 sheet. I should be implementing the rain and sun/cloud system over the weekend. Im also going to be extending the rooftops as its too small at the moment.


interesting read

Porsche Colours

Porsche Update

Not really getting much excitement from this renders. Blue paint seems to be killing the scene. I think i will be going ahead with the dark red for the final, but il upload some more colour tests

Even without the wing mirrors and interior in place, it just seems to be lacking a lot of impact excitement that i got from the Mclaren renders.

Rooftop update

Created and tested this assets in UDK. I have also unwrapped a few more assets that are ready to texture.

 The shop sign will have an emissive material added and will flicker/dim.

I have also begun creating the 2 main tile textures for this project. This will consist of the texture for the main walls and roof.  After this, i will really be able to start creating the scene and i am hoping to add sun based lighting system but i will be trying to change this to emulate moonlight.

More rooftops

Not much to show, but its the actual mesh that will be used and textured, as ive already mocked it up for UDK and have the scaling pritty much nailed down.

Keep in mind that everything is going to be modular, so the railings are more of a placeholder than anything.

Rooftop Project

Okay, so after a good couple of days of planning out exactly what im going to be create, ive decided on creating the rooftops of an apartment building in Tokyo. For this project, it is going to be my aim to create a living world in the game level. 

To do this, i am going to include rain and weather effects in the level. The scene itself, is going to be very moody, with a lighting colour palette of cold hues of blue and green. 

It is my aim to create the most realistic environment i can, including rain drops, the ripples of water running down the windows and railings, plants moving from the wind and rain. Animating the scene is also going to be a priority as this will add much life and realism to the scene.

 Here is an initial mock of the scene in Max

The level is going to be on the small side, however as i said above, im aiming to incorporate a lot of effects and fine details and hopefully some nice background sound effects of rain fall if it doesnt count as plagiarism!

Porsche Update

Quick render


Okay so ive redone the entire tutorial from scratch. I finally got all the coding to work this time, however, the rear wheels seem to rotate on a completely different pivot, so the wheels spin through the air at 50,000rpm or something ridiculous.

The same has happened to the front wheels, they turn on a different axis. Ive checked the physics set up in UDK and the bone structure seems to be of been shrunk in UDK for some reason? My bone system in Max was placed exactly on the wheels, axles etc, so im not sure what the hell has gone on.

Apart from that, the car works perfectly


Just spent about 2 hours or so doing a vehicle riggin tutorial in Max and UDK. I seem to of messed up at the very last part and cant get my .UC file to work when UDK loads up, which means i cant drive it around the scene....

Il try it again over the weekend!