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Hi there! As you can see, my name is Chris, I'm at university and I'm currently 21 years old, but there's more to know than my name and age. So what am I doing then? Well I'm studying Game Art at DMU. I am aiming to be one of the top proffesional vehicle artists in the industry. In the meantime, check out this Blog of mine and when your finished, take a look at my website!


Figuring out how to get HDRIs to work with my models now. Some failed attempts here and there but im getting the hang of it now. Oh and ive made the jump to Vray! Its vastly different to mental ray but the principals are still the same. However, there are major difference in setting up a scene to render and so many options to tweak the final outcomes, gona be fun!

Below are some test renders with HDRI images. The 2 images below are first attempts and the bottom one ive done today. Got shading on the ground working and there are reflections on the car, but as the horizon line is so low, theres not much to reflect.

Going to start photographing some good locations soon and really create an awesome piece of work!

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