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Hi there! As you can see, my name is Chris, I'm at university and I'm currently 21 years old, but there's more to know than my name and age. So what am I doing then? Well I'm studying Game Art at DMU. I am aiming to be one of the top proffesional vehicle artists in the industry. In the meantime, check out this Blog of mine and when your finished, take a look at my website!

Second year review

The second year has been quite an interesting time for me, as I have created some awesome work and learnt a fair deal this year. Firstly, the Queens project was really good fun to do which I believe was down to the group I was in, as we were all level headed and weren't stubborn or obsessive of our own ideas or critique of our work. There are aspects of the level we made that can be much better/improved such as sound. Overall however, the quality of the assets produced by each member was very good and we all helped in improving each others work.

I have also learnt much in my art, specifically life drawing as this I what I enjoy the most. I am now able to create my art work with minimal lines and I've vastly improved my rendering techniques as I have tended to be quite heavy handed. Digital painting has been a bit of a pain to me this year as I feel like I have not improved as much as I wanted to. Although I am capable at digital painting, I tend to feel to disappointed with my final pieces.

However, I think the main highlight of this year was applying for the internship at BMW. Although in the end I was not accepted, I have managed to gain a good contact at BMW and produced a cool Z4 car model in the process. Even though I was quite devastated of loosing out on the internship, its made me realise that I can get a job in what I want to do and this has motivated me to create much better car models now and I'm learning Vray to achieve this. For this I am researching the areas of poly model and visualisation in car manufactures and I am gaining as many contacts in these fields as I can. I am aiming now to create photorealistic car models for both game and high res.

I will announce my new car project very soon and its going be much better than the Z4 and will take advantage of a lot of new techniques I now know!

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