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Hi there! As you can see, my name is Chris, I'm at university and I'm currently 21 years old, but there's more to know than my name and age. So what am I doing then? Well I'm studying Game Art at DMU. I am aiming to be one of the top proffesional vehicle artists in the industry. In the meantime, check out this Blog of mine and when your finished, take a look at my website!

First Year Review

Now that the first year is pretty much over, I have had the chance to look back at my work ive produced over the past year. I think one the areas I was most apprehensive about when starting the course was whether or not my art skills were up for the job. Because of this, every art project we have been set, I have made sure I improved on a certain area every time such as my rendering abilities. Life drawing as well, has been a blast for me, as its something I find so interesting and challenging to do. I have never had the chance to do life drawing before, but it has helped me to improve my understanding of light, shadow and anatomy. The most interesting project for me was the first character project, as it allowed a lot of freedom to come up with whatever you wanted based from people of the street!

Game production for me, hasn't been that challenging in some aspects as I have been using 3ds max for about 2 years soon to be 3 when the second year starts. Despite this I have learnt a hell of a lot which I just couldn't of found or learnt from tutorials on the net. My understanding of Unwrapping and the processes of texture creation have been where I have learn the most such as how to bake your normals in 3ds max and creating them in Zbrush. the main thing that I would say is letting down my 3d work is that I need and will be improving my art skills to create better textures and understanding of anatomy for characters.

Lastly, the blogging for me was an area that I neglected to some extent as I rarely posted at all. But since the start of this year ive been becoming more interested in this area as I find its a good way to market yourself and express your interests and ambitions. After joining my brothers blog along with his mates in design, I have begun posting things that I find interesting and want to share with others. One thing that im going to do is to create a theme which my website and blog will both share. At the moment there quite different in looks but I will be working on getting them linked together.

In my spare time I am still trying to improve my skills and keep setting myself 3D projects and doing Posemaniacs at least once a week. One area that im going to be working towards over the summer is traditional painting and character creation as my overall goal to get out of this course is to become a character artist. I've been creating characters since the start of the course and ive learnt a lot in terms of techniques and topology, but I need to improve my understanding of anatomy which is going to be a  priority of mine from now until the end of the course. This along with drastically improving my traditional painting skills should keep me more than busy throughout the summer. I intend to start the second year with  a vastly improved knowledge of what and where I want to go in the future and what I need to do to achieve this.
Overall I think ive had a pretty good shot at the first year and ive learnt a lot from each area of the course. I always think though that more work could of been done as always and regret taking the time I did to fully get into and appreciate the purpose of blogging for my own development. Its pretty difficult for me to think of any improvement for the course as it has far out done my expectations, this along with the knowledge of my teachers has given me a lot of confidence in the course. If anything, id want more lessons a week and it would be cool to have more ex students dropping by to talk about there experience in the industry

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